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Tuna cannelloni. Recipe

Today I bring you a very nutritious dish that everyone likes. The recipe is Tuna cannelloniWe can also make them with meat, fish and seafood or vegetables.

I hope you like it.

Ingredients for tuna cannelloni (4 people):

Cannelloni and stuffing

16 cannelloni

2 cans of 80 grams of pickled tuna

1 small can of red pepper

2 boiled eggs



2 medium natural tomatoes

For the béchamel


garlic clove



Pepper (optional)

Preparation of tuna cannelloni


We cook water with salt and oil, and add the cannelloni. When they are, I put the saucepan under the tap with cold water, so that they cool down and put them on top of a clean cloth.

Cannelloni filling:

Chop the red pepper, crumble the eggs and open the tuna cans and drain the broth. And I mix it all up.

Tuna cannelloni. Recipe

I grate the two tomatoes. In a frying pan I put a tablespoon of oil and fry the tomato, add salt and a little sugar. When the tomato is fried, I add the previous mixture.

Tuna cannelloni. Recipe

And I stir it, let it take a few minutes.

Tuna cannelloni. Recipe

When the mixture has cooled and I begin to fill the cannelloni.

Tuna cannelloni. Recipe


I put two butter nuts in a saucepan, let it melt and add a garlic clove, split in two.

When the garlic takes a little color, I remove it and add two tablespoons of flour, mix well and let it take a little color, the flour. Fire at all times does not have to be too strong or too low.

I add very slowly without stirring with the kitchen rod, two glasses of milk, we have to let everything dissolve, avoiding lumps, and we keep stirring until it reaches the desired consistency, I add salt and pepper.

Tuna cannelloni. Recipe

Assembling the tuna cannelloni

Once I have the béchamel done, put the plate or oven tray where I will put the cannelloni with the béchamel (it can also be spread with butter). I place the cannelloni, add the bechamel on top of the cannelloni and the grated cheese on top.

Tuna cannelloni. Recipe

I put the cannelloni in the oven that I have previously heated. First for a few minutes I let the whole set take heat and then I put it to gratin.

And to eat. Enjoy your meal.

Tuna cannelloni recipe

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