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Tuna canapé recipe

I bring you a delicious tuna canape, easy, simple that as always the whole family will love.

If I ever had to talk about a wardrobe, well in this case of the pantry, I think without a doubt that one of the star products of this fund would be: the can of tuna.

Tuna canapé

It is one of those products that go well, that works for you for lunch or dinner. Someday I have to make an article with “recipes with a can of tuna”.

The canapé I have prepared with a pink sauce, called golf, a can of tuna and a little raw onion, as you see little complication.

Ingredients for the tuna canape

A can of tuna (I have used one of those in a pack of 3) I usually use in pickles, better, but it can be done in oil.

2 or 3 slices of sliced ​​bread

A piece of onion

Green olives stuffed with anchovy to decorate

For the golf sauce

Two tablespoons of mayonnaise



Preparation of the tuna canapé

We prepare the golf sauce: for this we mix the mayonnaise, the ketchup and the tabasco to taste, in a bowl.

Golf sauce

Chop the onion piece very finely. We open the can of tuna, drain.

Tuna canape with onion

In a bowl add the drained can of tuna, the chopped onion and a tablespoon of the golf sauce.

Tuna canape with mayonnaise, tabasco and ketchup

Assembly of the tuna canape

We remove the crust from the sliced ​​bread, we can also buy crustless bread. We anoint it with the golf sauce that will have left us. We put the tuna pasta on top. We cut it into triangles and decorate it with half a stuffed green olive.

Tuna canapé with mayonnaise, kepchut and Tabasco

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