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A very appropriate dish for after a day of skiing, surfing or cycling. It is not the most indicated for the bikini operation. But …, a day is a day. My husband took a good beating on the bike and asked me to. And … of course, he can’t resist me.


  • Six large potatoes (1.3 Kg)
  • A Reblochon cheese (450g)
  • A couple of sweet onions
  • 300 gr of bacon
  • 400gr of cream for cooking
  • A glass of fine type wine Ina or Tio Pepe
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter or duck fat

You can find Reblochon cheese at Carrefour


Cook the potatoes, I steam them in the fast pot, putting three fingers of water about 250/300 ml and when the two rings rise you have twelve minutes. The time depends on the size and quality of the potato. When cool, cut them into finger slices.

Chop the onions in julienne strips and poach them, drain the oil and reserve.

In a frying pan without oil, sauté the bacon cut into strips, remove the excess fat and reserve.

Spread the source with butter or if you have with duck fat, place half of the potatoes on top, season with salt and pepper, being quite generous with the pepper. We put onion and bacon on top and the rest of the potatoes on top and again season with salt and pepper. Add the cream and the glass of wine.

Cut the cheese into quarters, open them in half and place them with the crust on top.

It is introduced to the oven about 25/30 minutes at 200ºC

It is a very complete dish, it is best to accompany it with a good green salad.

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