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Strawberry ice cream

Strawberry ice cream

What is promised is debt and after writing two sections on “Instructions for making good ice cream” and “Summer 2014 /” Helados Los Italianos “, I am about to upload the recipes for these ice creams that I have made this summer. I will not stop in the literature of strawberry ice cream or the following from 20014 so that you can prepare them before the cold starts. If you are fond of making homemade ice cream, it will be one of the most entertaining hobbies for you and productive for your family and friends .

About strawberry ice cream I just want to highlight two things: this recipe is not the traditional one; on the contrary, it belongs to the so-called “last generation” ice creams; that is to say, those that incorporate new ingredients such as yogurt and Mascarpone cheese; The one that I offer you today is a novelty of authentic own elaboration. Secondly, I also want to highlight the importance of good fruit, in this case, the Aranjuez strawberries that are collected in August and that have nothing to do with the strawberries that are sold all year round. I love seasonal strawberries, which are found in all regions of Spain; In Granada we have strawberries from the Alpujarra that have nothing to envy to the locals from Sitio de la Granja, or Galician locals, which appear in August in any locality, some of them are even wild. I don’t want to start getting involved with my pleasure that every year the wild strawberry harvest that we made in my grandmother’s orchard in Lorenzana (this sweet little strawberry is known as “amorodo”) produced me; in Galicia there are magnificent strawberries from the Tambre and Ulla rivers; I suppose that like there is the local and late strawberry in other places in Spain; strawberry that is usually small and aromatic, and ice cream is a delicacy.

The big difference between commercial strawberry ice cream and artisan or homemade is in the strawberry pieces that you will find and in addition to the color of the ice cream, which is a natural strawberry, very different from the strawberry bubble gum that we buy.



350 gr. of strawberries, you can add a little more or less, I bought a box of strawberries from Aranjuez that weighed that

a jar of mascarpone

two Greek yogurts sugared or natural (it does not matter, then you add a little more or less sugar

a cream tub of 200 to 250 gr .; I really like the President’s Creme Fraiche, Is superior

from 100 to 150 gr. of sugar; freezing any cream loses much of the sweetness; This amount will depend on what you like sugary things; I am very “larpeira” so 150 gr. it is perfect

Finally, you will add a tablespoon of “invert sugar” (Instructions for Ice Cream) or honey so that it does not crystallize, the American brand “Karo” is the best and you can order it online for about 5 euros, and it will last you all a life. It deserves to be put on because the texture that is achieved is spectacular.


1. Crush the strawberries or put them in a crushed but careful not to puree them; the ice cream must contain intact strawberry pieces; then add the sugar and dissolve it with the above.

2. Add the Mascarpone, the yogurts and the cream and stir it until there is a compact cream. I do it by hand with a spoon:

3. Once everything is well mixed, add the tablespoon of invert sugar or honey (some people add two tablespoons); then you put it in the ice cream bowl and leave it in the fridge until it cools down well (about 2 or 3 hours).

4. Now I can put it in the ice cream machine, which is turned on and cold; I have added a little water and alcohol / substitutable for brandy to the base of the machine), and to beat in the cold of the machine:

5. It usually takes about 40 minutes; but everything will depend on the ambient temperature of the kitchen; if you are at 40º you will need more time. There you have it at its right point to store in the freezer:

6. I put it in a plastic box and freeze for about 4 hours (better to do it the day before), which is what you need to freeze:

6. When it comes out of the freezer, you must leave it for a while before serving it because it will be too hard to make the balls; however, invert sugar will prevent it from fully crystallizing and will save you part of the wait.

This is the end result: a perfect and creamy consistency, with its pieces of tasty strawberry looming. Quite a delight, and very easy to do:


GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

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