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Stracciatella ice cream

Stracciatella ice cream

The basis of stracciatella It is the cream ice cream, which belongs to the ice creams that are made without eggs, although there are those who take the whites, mistaking it for meringue milk. Its preparation is, therefore, a cream ice cream with the incorporation of pieces of exquisite chocolate; its ingredients, more than those of any other ice cream, must be of the highest quality; the aroma of a good chocolate (Valor or Lindt) and the intense flavor of milk and fresh cream are essential to achieve a superior product. Although in general small chocolate chips are added, which are broken into crushed or manually, I prefer to follow the formula of the Italians, who like to use large pieces; what the people of Granada call “the stones of the stracciatella“This time I have made it a bit finer because I was in Madrid, and perhaps they are used to less obvious stumbles.

I have to confess that when I tasted the stracciatella For the first time, I was amazed and decided to learn how to prepare it; But I only do it if I am outside Granada, because spending a spoonful of this ice cream is a luxury that anyone can afford; not forgetting the joy of sitting on one of its flirty and well-served tables, which are only found in an establishment as unique as this one. (The photo below is the stracciatela of the Italians).

I have repeatedly heard “me by the stracciatella mato”, and this saying persists in Granada long before the alleged “queen of hearts” had patented it. I always remember that when we were on vacation in the country, we met after dinner to see a movie, since one of the neighbors owned a cinema and gave us the pleasure of enjoying a summer cinema, which was also accompanied by a stracciatella cornet; it was already customary for someone of the elders to come to the city to buy such a delicacy; I think that every person from Granada could tell a personal anecdote about the stracciatella.


100 grams of chocolate cut into pieces

100 or 150 gr. sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

300 ml. strawberry milk

400 gr. cream; I put half “Creme Fraiche” of President and the other part a less thick cream

a teaspoon of vanilla

a spoon of invert sugar (read its utility and buy in Instructions).

Using invert sugar is not essential, but by preventing crystallization, it makes homemade ice cream incredibly creamy.


1. Put the milk in a saucepan with the sugar to heat (it does not have to boil) and when it is melted, set it aside and let it cool:

3. You beat the cream in the machine or by hand, but not very beaten because it will finish beating in the ice cream maker with the other ingredients. Add the cold milk to the cream with the sugar already melted, and a tablespoon of “invert sugar” or honey, along with a level teaspoon of vanilla (it should not have much vanilla taste, just the touch) and you can do it go to the ice cream maker:

4. Prepared the ice cream maker, which will have to cool about 10 minutes before, put it to beat for about 30 to 40 minutes, which will take time to thicken; then you put the chopped chocolate, and another 10 minutes so that everything mixes well. This is the size of the slice I put on this ice cream, it is not too thick:

In my family, they missed the thick pieces that I have used on other occasions: the stones of the authentic stracciatella from the photo below.

5. Once solidified, you put it in a pot to store it in the freezer. The inverted sugar will prevent it from setting like a hard stone. In ice cream parlors, freezer temperatures are not as strong as homemade ice creams, so the texture is better; but with the secret of invert sugar that I have indicated, we will get an incredibly soft and velvety ice cream:

6. When you take it out of the freezer to serve it, you wait a little so that it is not like a stone. I don’t know why the pieces of the chocolate don’t look good in the photo below as they should, but I can assure you that they are inside.

There you have the balls that will pass to the plate:

And the grand finale: The stracciatela adorned with some cookies that will give it a nice touch, and the succulence of a magnificent ice cream.

Bona Stracciatela and Good Luck !!!!

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