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Spinach cannelloni

Spinach cannelloni

Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta cheese with pine nuts and raisins

My mother cooked dishes that were absolutely insurmountable, but the one that was impossible to compete with was the cannelloni: those cannelloni that made fresh tuna with tomato, or salmon from the Eo river, which they say is one of the best in Europe, or meat Galician with his foi gras tin; they were all memorable. I tend to think that his mastery of cooking, which is an art like any other, was joined by such fresh and top-quality products; and, without a doubt, speaking of bechamel, we must highlight the fresh milk of the day, from a cow that, surely, would be called “Marela”, and the homemade butter that was beaten every Friday at my house, while talking about the divine and the human.

Whenever I think of cannelloni, my mother comes to mind, but also the girl who was with me in Granada for so many years. When I came to this city, a girl much older than me, a magnificent cook of popular Andalusian dishes such as migas, gazpacho, white garlic, Sevillian soup, potatoes ajopollo, meatballs, came to work at my house. and of course the pipirrana … and also prepared the fried fish like no one else. I didn’t know how to cook any of the things that seemed essential to me, like bechamel. But my effort to learn it especially for croquettes had its reward in the end. As for the cannelloni, I was very reluctant to do similar “folletá” and “desacarreo” but, in the end, he ended up telling my children that I was so “tired”, always with the same “catalineta”, which no longer ” inritarme “would have to do it. I have to say that not only did he learn but he ended up embroidering them; in this case, if it can be said that the disciple surpassed the teacher.

She was a smart woman but with hardly any education: she read with difficulty but when she saw that all of us at home were great readers, she was awakened by the desire to learn, and since she had an incredible desire to excel, she went to night classes until after completing eighty years old. And yes he learned and well; he soon began to read the Hello and all the magazines of the heart, and ended up meeting the celebrities Much better than anyone, and the funny thing was the illustrative conclusions that he drew from all of them. I am amazed by the rich lexicon he had and the grace with which he told the stories of his life, dotted with thousands of sayings. Sometimes, he confused the words he heard me say for unknown; for example, he confused the term “ingredients” with “dressings or spices”, since for ingredients he used that precious word that is “accoutrements”; As Andalusian cuisine tends to be very seasoned, I told him that they did not sit well with us. One fine day when we had guests, we praised him for what he had cooked, and he neither cut nor lazy released: “And I have not put a single ingredient in it, because in this house we cook everything without ingredients.”

He looked like a García Márquez character, and his stories were sometimes as amazing as those of “One Hundred Years of Solitude.” His father had been a banderillero and had died in the Granada bullring, and his mother and six brothers subsisted on working from a very young age. When she entered my house, her husband had abandoned her, and so she decided to adopt us, if I say correctly, because she was the one who adopted us, and to put them at the end of the street of what in Granada at the time was considerable “respectable “and” own “. Of his many anecdotes, the following shows his obsession with defending our respectability. He had a friend who worked at a doctor’s house, and one day he told her that his “lady was much better dressed than me”, and they had almost come to blows; She furiously told me and I told her that the other was absolutely right because “that lady was like a figurine” and already “lost pissed off” she said to me as the last reason and to highlight my superiority over her: “well, but you have studies and above you have opposition “, (and is that having opposition was the most of the most in this life since one would receive a” minimum “until the time came; (the truth is that seeing what we are living now, not was completely misguided).

Well today I remembered my T., from whom I learned so much Andalusian popular cuisine; and in addition to many other life issues of the utmost importance. And from here I have to admit every time I make the cannelloni, I recognize that theirs were the best.


  • a package of cannelloni
  • a bag of 500 gr. spinach, or 500 gr. loose spinach
  • 1 a pot of 250 gr. ricotta
  • grated cheese or noodles to melt
  • 4 tablespoons of oil
  • 3 garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • 50 gr. pine nuts
  • 50 gr. raisins sultana (seedless)


The amounts of the bechamel in terms of butter and flour are the same proportion of butter as of flour. That way, it will be difficult for you to make lumps and it will come out very fine, and the milk has the equivalent of the one I put in this recipe.

  • 800 ml. or a liter of milk
  • 6 heaping spoons of flour
  • 50 grs. butter or oil equivalent
  • salt and nutmeg


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