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Spinach and pickled partridge salad

A different healthy salad that everyone likes. Take the test! It is ideal as a single dish or for when you have guests. At home we really like it.


  • A bag of fresh spinach
  • A can of pickled partridge
  • Eight mushrooms
  • Eight cherry tomatoes
  • Some peeled walnuts
  • Two chives
  • Four slices of bacon
  • One or two eggs per diner


Poach the julienned onion and reserve. We chop the bacon and we do it in a frying pan without oil. When it is, drain it with a strainer to remove all the fat that has come off. We laminate the mushrooms and make them a little just before they start releasing water (they can also be left raw). We crumble the partridge trying to remove the ossicles and reserve the broth from the can.

In a wide source we spread the poached onion. Top with spinach, partridge, mushrooms, bacon, cherry tomatoes, halved and chopped walnuts. We salt, water a little of the juice from the can, with extra virgin olive oil and a bit of Modena vinegar on top. We serve the salad with the poached eggs.

To make the poached eggs we bring to the boil a mixture of water and vinegar (for example for half a liter: 450 ml of water and 50 ml of vinegar). We remove the saucepan from the fire and we gently incorporate into the water a saucepan in which we have deposited an egg. When it is fully submerged, gently remove the pot and cover the saucepan (always removed from the heat). We leave it for 3 minutes. We remove the egg with a slotted spoon and reserve. We are repeating this operation with each egg.

Tip: if we go to the raw mushrooms you have to laminate it very thin.

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