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Simple Salad Recipes

I leave you a compilation of 10 simple salad recipes

The salads they do not have to be boring and they also give a lot of play, since we can mix ingredients, textures that will make our mouths a whole game of flavors.

We can make them from pasta, rice, legumes, lettuce, tomato, accompanied by seafood, chicken, bacon, salmon, with nuts ……

The dressings that is another world: mayonnaise, different vinegars: Sherry, balsamic or Modena, apple, oils….

I hope you like this selection of salads

Simple salad recipes

10 simple salad recipes

Pasta salad recipes

1.-Pasta salad with prawns

Pasta with prawns accompanied by a mayonnaise vinaigrette.

Simple salad recipes

2.- Pasta salad with smoked salmon and pine nuts

Another pasta with smoked salmon and nuts, in this case pine nuts, with an apple cider vinegar vinaigrette.

Pasta salad recipes

3.-Pasta salad with tuna

The fun thing about pasta salads is that we can make it with macaroni, propellers, butterflies, ideal for children.

Pasta salad recipes

Rice salad recipes

4.- Rice salad with York ham

A simple cold rice salad with ham or cooked ham and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, onion)

Rice salad recipes

White bean salad recipes

5.-White bean salad

Eating vegetables is great at any time of the year, and why not as a salad?

Bean salad recipes

Salad recipes with lettuce or tomato

6.-Bacon and cheese salad

Warm salad similar to the famous Caesar with toasted bread and Modena vinegar.

Simple salad recipes

7.-Chicken salad with apple and cheese

Warm salad with chicken and seasonal fruit such as apples, in the post I explain the different pink sauce that there are and how they are made.

Warm salad recipes

8.-Fresh cheese and tomato salad

Simple fresh cheese salad from Burgos and tomato seasoned with aromatic herbs.

Cold salad recipes

9.-Tudela buds with salpicón

The typical buds with anchovies, boiled egg and salpicón seasoned with a rich vinaigrette.

Simple salad recipes

Potato salad recipes

10.- Homemade Russian salad

Within this selection, you could not miss a classic such as the Russian salad.

Cold salad recipes

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