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Rice with cod

Today I am going to cook you a rice with cod that yes, if you want you can make broth. Now that this cold weather is coming, you always want a spoon recipe.

Those who start to know me, I think it shows a little, that cod is one of the fish that I like the most. But if we also accompany it with the “humble” rice, it becomes an exquisite dish.

Rice with cod

I will do it with salted codI have chosen crumbs for this, 24 hours before, or put in cold water to discourage it, and change the water every 8 hours approximately is more than enough.

Ingredients for rice with cod (4 people) :

200 gr. of cod that previously we will have desalinated.

1 cup of coffee for each person of rice

1/2 onion

1 clove garlic

1/2 natural red pepper

1 medium tomato




Preparation of rice with cod:

We put a little oil in a saucepan. And we add the onion and garlic that we have previously chopped and the red pepper in pieces. We let the sauce go slowly.

Rice with cod

While we peel, peel and chop the tomato into small pieces, add it to the casserole. We add a little salt.

When the tomato, this half cooked, we add the crumbled cod that we will have cut it into small pieces and let it sauté everything.

Rice with cod

Rice with cod

We add the rice we remove. We pour twice the amount of water. We let it cook over medium heat and if possible cover it, with a lid slightly inclined so that the smoke comes out.

Rice with cod

We check for salt. Once the rice has been cooked, let it rest for a few minutes covered with a clean kitchen cloth.

The recipe for rice with cod is of Basque origin, therefore it would be accompanied by a Txacolí or Chacolí.

Tips on rice:

Depending on the type of rice to use, we will add more water since there are rices that absorb more water than others.

If we cook the rice over a very high heat, the water evaporates more quickly therefore it needs more water and that saying of “twice as much water per cup of rice” would not be worth it.

I always add a little more water to it as 1/4 cup more just in case.

And finally I always have a little more water or hot broth prepared in case I see that the rice runs out of water.

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