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Pumpkin and coconut cream

Pumpkin cream with mushrooms (wild)


Pumpkin cream with pumpkin seeds

This soup is a wonderful pumpkin cream taken from one of the great English chefs, Gordon Ramsay, who is an expert in pumpkin recipes. This cream is a very succulent dish, which can be served as a single dish, or perhaps accompanied by a little cheese or cold cuts. However, I want to clarify that I have made some variation with the contribution of coconut, which is an ingredient that goes wonderfully with pumpkin, which enriches in flavor and texture.


We can do it in two ways:

First version which is what I offer you

1. A kilo of pumpkin

2. half deciliter virgin oil

3. an onion

4. two cloves of garlic

5. 100 ml. liquid cream

6. two tablespoons of grated coconut

5. black pepper and salt

6. a sprig of rosemary

7. a cube

8. two glass of water

9. Optional: grated Parmesan cheese (appears in the original recipe), but I do not add it because I substitute it for coconut

Second version:

You substitute the cream and the tablespoon of the coconut for half a can of coconut milk

How to decorate the plate: Depending on whether you finish it one way or another, the cream will have different names:

1. Pumpkin cream with mushrooms (wild):

100 g. per person of mushrooms, which in their original version are wild, but you can use mushrooms, cut into thin slices, or any chanterelle or mushroom.

2. Pumpkin cream with pumpkin seeds

A handful of pumpkin seeds

Ingredients warning:

Coconut milk is already bought in many stores and supermarkets, it is worth approximately one euro (1.30 to 1.50 euros) and you only have to use half. You can keep the other part in the fridge for more than a week or freeze it.

You can use any chanterelle that is grown, including mushrooms. I have used the “shiitake” mushroom because it has the appearance of a wild mushroom and an intense flavor. Here you can be guided by the budget you have and buy the one that best suits it.

Pumpkin seeds are bought at any nut store and are cheap.

For the cheese flakes you can use any hard cheese that allows you to make thin slices. In the original recipe the cheese is Parmesan, but I used a normal La Mancha.

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