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Puglia salad

Puglia salad

Italian salad from Puglia

This is a salad that in my house we love for its perfect combination of ingredients, where the softness and freshness of the arugula and the burrata (creamy Italian cheese) with the strong and intense flavors of tomato in oil and anchovies. Although this salad is typical of Puglia, my family, very fond of creating salads with their own and original flavors, has adopted it as their own, and this one that I present to you today is just a variety of those made with cheese burrata as one of the main ingredients.

Let’s start with the star ingredient of this salad: the exquisite fresh cheese known as “burrata” produced in Puglia (which can be made from cow’s milk or buffalo milk), and made with mozzarella stuffed with “stracciatella”, the same mozzarella, in “frayed” pieces and mixed with cream. When it is handmade, It is presented as a tied napkin (photo below), that is, wrapped in “vizzo” leaves, a plant that grows in the Murgia area pugliese, with a very aromatic fresh herb flavor. Today, it is covered with a kind of artificial leaves (vegetable paper) that simulate those of this plant. Originally, the burrata it can be eaten with a spoon and seasoned with good oil; or it is prepared with leaves of lamb’s lettuce, or boletus, or tomatoes cherry always seasoned with a good balsamic vinegar; any of these combinations is great.


I hope this It will not be the only Italian recipe that will appear on this website, on the contrary, my intention is that this wonderful country is very well represented. 

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