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Prawn croquettes

Prawn croquettes

Shrimp croquettes

For me, they are the queen of croquettes. They are undoubtedly the most expensive because they must be made with fresh shrimp, although you can use the rice type, a small shrimp and perfect for these croquettes, which is always cheaper. They are delicious; and that’s why we will include them in the category of sumptuous recipes, because they can be added to any party menu.


  • 150 gr. flour
  • 1.5 dl. virgin olive oil
  • 1,250 l. milk
  • 500 gr. prawn
  • half an onion or chive
  • a cube of meat stock
  • a teaspoon of salt



1. Peel the prawns and turn their heads away. In the image the prawns are a little big and I had to break them because I couldn’t find the rice cookers.

two. With about 15 dl. of oil (two tablespoons) put the pan on the fire with the shrimp heads; mash them for a few minutes until they release the liquid.

3. Next, pour in a quarter of a glass of water and continue pounding and stirring. This is the secret of shrimp croquettes and what will give them that nice rosy color.

4. Now pass all this mixture through a strainer and the reserves for later use.

5. This should be the liquid.

6. Now you start to make the croquettes from step 1 of the boletus. But for these croquettes and half a kilo of prawns I have returned to the quantities of those of ham (150 dl of oil x 150 of flour). Spade half an onion or chive in very fine pieces and pour it in the pan with 1.5 dl of virgin oil (for 150 gr. Of flour). The onion must be very syrupy because finding a piece of raw onion in a croquette is a culinary disaster.

7. The only change is that instead of the boletus you add the prawns and then the liquid from the prawns that (100 dl.) That you deduct from the global amount of milk. You also don’t add the boletus oil but you do add the cube of meat or fish (the one for meat is very good).

8. So they would look in their little boxes with their labels, where the type of croquettes and the number of them must appear (if you make them from starters, that is to say tiny, that information must also appear).

WARNING: I guess everyone is wondering if you can use frozen shrimp. My answer is that: “Of course”, but in this life everything has a price: the croquettes will not come out half as tasty. If you are short on time, there are some cooked prawns that are cheap and make good croquettes. Chop them into pieces and crush the heads too.



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