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Potato and Cheese Salad

Potato and Cheese Salad

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Ingredients (4 people):

– 6 whole potatoes
– 30 grams of cider vinegar
– 90/100 grams of olive oil 0.4º
– 100 grams of goat cheese
– A teaspoon of sweet or spicy paprika
– Salt


The potatoes are washed and placed in a large saucepan.

Cover with water and season, cook over low heat until the water boils and cook for approximately 40 minutes (in a fast pot 10/12 minutes after the steam rises).

While the potatoes are cooking, prepare the vinaigrette. In the mixer glass add a pinch of salt, the paprika, the vinegar, the goat cheese, chopped and at room temperature and crush until you get a cream. While continuing to beat, add the oil slowly until it is completely integrated and set aside.

The cooked potatoes are drained and when they are warm they are peeled, cut into medium cubes and placed in a salad bowl.

The warm potatoes are drizzled with the vinaigrette and stirred from the bottom up.

They are covered and left to rest for at least an hour.

In the course of that time, they continue to be removed frequently.

It can be served cold or hot.

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