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Philadelphia Filled Smoked Salmon Rolls


Philadelphia Filled Smoked Salmon Rolls

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– 12 cooked peeled prawns
– 1 small can of tuna
– 2 boiled eggs


Chop the crab sticks together with the prawns, hard-boiled eggs and partially drained tuna, preferably in a chopper glass, although we can also do it by hand.

We put the cheese at room temperature in a bowl (the amount varies between 150/200 gr depending on the size of the sticks), add the mincemeat above and mix until there is a homogeneous cream.

We spread the salmon slices on a kitchen table, distribute on each of them a tablespoon of the previous mixture and roll up on themselves.

We can serve them on a tartar sauce base and decorate them with dill, chopped hard-boiled egg, salmon roe or spun egg.

The filling of these rolls can also be used to fill some tartlets or make canapés.

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