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Orio style baked blue whiting

Fish recipe: orio style baked blue whiting

Blue whiting is a white fish, also known as bacalá, bacalaílla, maira perla, perlita or lirio, belongs to the family of gádidos and can be found at a very good price in the market.

It is a fish a little bigger than the sardine, at home, my mother has always prepared it stuffed with red pepper, it was passed by flour and fried, as you can see very easily.

But, as always, I am trying new things, this time I told myself to do them in a simple way, and why not baked with an Orio-style sauce.

Orio style baked blue whiting

The expression on the back has always been associated, orio style, and two very different concepts are orio, a sauce made up of oil, garlic, cayenne chili and vinegar.

The back that refers to the fish being open with or without bones up on its back and the sauce is added on top

As always I hope you like the recipe

Ingredients for Orio style baked blue whiting

For 3 People

1 kg of blue whiting (14 pieces approximately)



For the orio

(I always make these ingredients by eye)


2 garlic cloves

cayenne chilli


Making of blue whiting

Orio style baked blue whiting

We removed the head and guts from the blue whiting. We removed the dorsal, lateral and tail fins. We wash.

We heat the oven to 250º. In the oven dish, we put paper from the oven, add the blue whiting. Season and add a little oil on top.

Orio style baked blue whiting

We will have them for about 10 minutes approximately, if we have put the oven with the plates up and down.

If you only have down-only mode, 10 minutes on one side and 10 on the other. approximately.

Especially that the fish does not stay dry.

Orio-style sauce

We put in a frying pan, a drizzle of oil, let it heat, fillet the garlic, add the garlic and the cayenne chilli. We let them brown.

We remove the pan from the fire for a few seconds, and add the vinegar, mix well.

Be careful that if we add it directly without waiting for it to cool a little, the vinegar and the oil jumps.

Put the pan back on, but on a very low heat and let it cook for about half a minute.

We place the blue whiting and add the sauce on top.

Orio style baked blue whiting

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