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Mini Barbecue Breast Burgers

Mini Barbecue Breast Burgers

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Mini Barbecue Breast Burgers


Ingredients (4 people):

– 8 turkey breast medallions
– 8 mini hamburger buns
– 8 thin tomato slices
– 8 pieces of piquillo pepper
– 8 pieces of brie cheese
– 8 quail eggs
– Mayonnaise
– Barbecue sauce
– Barbecue seasoning
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Salt


We place the hamburger buns in a dish open in half and add a little mayonnaise.

Next we fry the quail eggs, first we must break the shell with the tip of a small knife, add them to a pan with hot oil and when the white has curdled we distribute them on the loaves and on top we place a piece of brie cheese.

In a frying pan or griddle we add a little oil and heat, when the oil is hot we incorporate the turkey breast medallions and salt to taste, when they are browned on both sides we add a little barbecue seasoning, we give them one more turn in the frying pan and distribute them on the loaves, on top of the brie cheese.

On the medallions we place a slice of tomato, a piece of the piquillo pepper and a little barbecue sauce.

We cover the breads and serve.

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