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Mashed potato balls

Mashed Potato Balls

As a child, this was without a doubt one of my favorite side dishes for meat and even fish. It was a recipe from my house, whose authorship I could only attribute to my own mother. I don’t know if it was done only in Galicia or also in other Spanish regions. I suppose that the reason for my excessive taste for this dish was, on the one hand, the infrequence of its preparation (the truth is that it takes a while for a simple garnish) and, on the other hand, that for children, as with béchamel, they love soft foods and if they are gooey better. As I was not at all fond of meat, I always asked my girl to put them with fried eggs and then it was already a dish only comparable to hooded eggs.

1. A mashed potato, which you will only season with an egg yolk and season with salt and pepper. The puree must be as hard as possible and, therefore, it is not lightened with any liquid:

2. In its preparation, you will form some balls that you will pass through flour and whipped whites that you will have left over from the egg that you will fry in abundant very hot oil in a frying pan or fryer (I have done it in the latter):

3. And there you have the mashed balls that will be very suitable to accompany any sumptuous sauce:


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