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Mascarpone cup

Glass of mascarpone cheese with fruit





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Commemorating my 250 entries on my website, I wanted to highlight the enormous feeling of generosity that I have found on the web, so today I want to thank my internet colleagues for sharing their knowledge in such a generous and supportive way. As a tribute to all of them, today I am not going to offer you one of my recipes but I am going to invite you to some “Glasses of mascarpone cheese” that I have seen on Silvia’s blog (“Salt Sugar”) on Facebook, to which since Here I want to acknowledge its authorship and I thank you for such a wonderful recipe.


The ingredients are for two people but I have made twice as many but in two different variants: one of apricot and the other of cherry jam that I had just made. I am attaching Silvia’s original recipe for “Sugar Salt” As you will see, I have added an alternative (for example, the cream could be exchanged for yogurt; and honey for sugar. Etc.).

-2 apricots peeled and cut into pieces, or 1 or 2 tablespoons of cherry jam per person

-3 tablespoons of mascarpone

-200 gr. cream or 2 Greek yogurts

-4 tablespoons of honey, or condensed milk, or just sugar.

-70 gr. of macadamia nuts, I have put hazelnuts because I did not have.


I have taken two apricots cut in half that I had with sugar for the apricot jam (they need about two hours for the sugar to melt) and, therefore, I have not added either honey or condensed milk:


2. I have whipped the cream first and when it was quite thick I have gradually incorporated the mascarpone, and finally I have added a tablespoon of icing sugar.

3. I have made two different cups: one I have plated it with the apricot pieces in the bottom and then I have covered it with the mixture of mascarpone and cream and the split hazelnuts on top:

4. The other option takes a tablespoon of cherry jam that I had just made and I cover it with the same mixture and hazelnuts.

And to serve you I accompany you with some PCouncil antlers:

Bon Appétit and Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

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