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Mantecado ice cream

Glass of brown glacé with Amaretto


Since all ice creams have the same basic recipe: a regular custard with cinnamon and lemon (shortbread) or vanilla (vanilla ice cream), I’m going to start with it, and then move on to a variety of ice cream that for me is the best: the chestnut, which is also known as ice brown and in this case with Amaretto Disaronno liquor.

Basic ice cream ingredients:

1. 4 egg yolks

2. 3 dl. milk

3. 2 dl. cream

4. 200 gr. sugar (some people put only 150 gr.)

5. a cinnamon stick and a lemon wedge for the shortbread or a teaspoon of vanilla or a vanilla stick for the vanilla

6. a pinch of salt

Ice cream ingredients ice brown

1. half a bottle of chestnuts with their corresponding syrup (about 300 and about grams)

2. 150 gr. of sugar

3. 3 dl. milk

4. 2 dl. cream (a tetrabrick)

5. 4 egg yolks

6. a cinnamon stick and a lemon wedge for the shortbread or a teaspoon of vanilla or a vanilla stick for the vanilla

7. a pinch of salt

Glass of brown glacé with Amaretto Disaronno

1. 50 gr. ground caramelised almonds

2. Amaretto Disaronno to taste

Ingredient remarks

The quantities, which I point out, are those indicated for a standard ice bucket, therefore it is convenient that you stick to them. If you want to fold them (because this lasts for months in the freezer), then you will have to do it in two batches.

The traditional recipe for ice cream is exactly the same as that for custard and there are even people who put a spoonful of cornstarch on it, but I like the one of a lifetime and I don’t think you need any mealy meal.

The suggested amounts of sugar depend on how sweet you want it. I have done several tests and the 200 gr. they seem to me the indicated, because you must take into account that the freezing needs a little more sweetness than normal desserts, because the frozen always tends to decrease the degree of sweetness.

Eggs, of course, must be very fresh, I will not tire of saying the importance of eggs having that quality. (Always buy them with an expiration date).

If we make brown glacé ice cream we add half a bottle of chestnuts with their corresponding syrup. The chestnut jar can be of any type (Pousada, Miña Naiciña, José Taboada, etc) but the chestnuts must be in syrup, that is why we reduce the sugar so that it is compensated with the syrup.

The pinch of salt is always added to the ice cream to intensify the flavors and facilitate freezing.


There are several types of ice cream makers:

1. The ones that contain the compressor to cool inside and are expensive. These ice cream makers (they cool on their own because they have a built-in freezer. In this direction you have the Gaggia and the Longhi which are the best but expensive, from 200 euros onwards.

2. Those that do not have a compressor and you must previously put the tray in the freezer; of course its price is very affordable (from 20 to 60 euros).

In this direction below the advantages of both are discussed; There are people who claim to get a good ice cream with these cheap ice cream makers.

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