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M. Moliner cookies

Maria Moliner’s chocolate pearl cookies

I have had the page a little abandoned in the last week but I have returned with a renewed spirit and ready to give you recipes and recipes … and try to make you have a pleasant time with my anecdotes and memories about the kitchen (if that is not heavy or irrelevant) . The truth is that I am very happy that on my return I have observed that the page of “The Kitchen as Therapy” has exceeded 3,000 entries.

I have been in Madrid to attend the premiere of the theater play “The Dictionary” at the Teatro la Abadía, whose author is Manuel Calzada, my son, directed by José Carlos Plaza, and the actors: Vicky Peña, Helio Pedregal and Lander Churches. “With a mother’s passion”, I have to say that I found it a wonderful and exciting job for all of them. As I am not an impartial critic, I have added a series of links about the work.

This leads me to the unsurpassed chocolate pearl cookies that my sister-in-law makes and that have had a leading role these days, since they have helped calm the nerves of the premiere. I always say that behind many events in my life is cooking in one way or another. For this reason and to remember this event, I have appropriated my sister-in-law’s recipe with her permission and I have titled it “María Moliner’s Chocolate Pearl Cookies”, in honor of that eminent lexicographer and extraordinary woman who was María Moliner.

Links to see the reviews of “The Dictionary”:

I have scanned the ABC review because it is only printed:

file: ///Users/carmen/Downloads/El%20Dictionary_Manuel%20Calzada_José%20Carlos%20Plaza-%20ARTEZBLAI.COM.webarchive

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