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Loin sandwich with caramelized peppers

Today I leave you a different recipe: Loin sandwich with caramelized peppers

I love sandwiches, it is one of those foods that have gotten me out of a lot of trouble. And someone will say to me “And what fat!”, From time to time it is not bad to eat a sandwich.

The sandwich reminds me of my childhood, when my mother made them for lunch at school and a snack when I got home.

At that time, it was a very bad eater and the truth is that they seemed very boring to me, the only snack I loved was when my mother ran out of cold cuts and made us a French omelette for lunch. I made the omelette and put it hot in the bread, wrapped the sandwich with the paper that was there at the time (I don’t remember the aluminum foil), the result was very soft, what memories !!!!! !

Well I leave you with the recipe. I hope you like it.

Loin sandwich and caramelized pepper recipe

Ingredients for a loin sandwich with caramelized peppers

2 tenderloin steaks. The one in the photo was marinated with paprika, so its color, but it can be done with the normal loin.

1 slice of cheese to melt

Caramelized peppers (according to my recipe that I explain in the cheese canapé)



Bread that you like the most, I use normal bread.

Making the loin sandwich with caramelized peppers

We put a little oil in a pan-griddle, when it is hot we add the loin that we have previously salted

Let it be done on one side, turn it over and put the sliced ​​cheese fillet cut in half on each tenderloin fillet.

Loin sandwich recipe with caramelized peppers

We heat the caramelized peppers in the microwave and spread them over the bread. We put the loin with the cheese on top.

Loin sandwich with caramelized peppers

Another variation would be to make it as a montadito, for this the bread is cut into obliquely elongated slices and we put the tenderloin with the cheese, on top of the caramelised peppers as decoration

To eat.

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