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Lentils With Vegetables

I love lentils, but I think I have discovered late how to prepare them in a healthier way than the traditional one that, although it is an exquisite dish (I would say that even succulent with its chorizo ​​and its ham), it seems to me that it is not the ideal for what in these times we understand by a healthy diet. Basically, I have tried to develop a recipe in which fat is lightened to the maximum without, therefore, losing any of its nutritional properties and delicious taste, for which Esau lost his birthright.


I always prepare lentils in quantity, to be able to freeze them.

half a kilo of Castilian lentils

a splash of oil (two level spoons)

a whole head of garlic

an onion

two dried tomatoes and a choricero pepper (dry)

two heaped tablespoons of fried tomato or a ripe tomato

a bay leaf

a cube or salt

Vegetables at ease (you can put the ones you like the best, or feel the best):



a pepper


Ingredient Warning:

I like any Castilian lentil, which is currently almost all good and with a soak it comes out very soft and the same happens with the pardilla (small lentil). But you should avoid the duckweed where the skin comes off the meat and appears floating everywhere. This spoils the best lentil dish.

You can use fresh tomato but the fried tomato gives it better flavor and for the amount that we will make two spoons is a very small amount.

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