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Lame-knot Tapas Recipes

The pintxo or pincho lame-knots or lame-knot It is a lid that has many variations, depending on the area where you eat, but that does not matter, because it is good in any way.

The cojonudos, usually carry green pepper, a piece of chorizo ​​or chistorra, if they are called cojonudas, you are carrying blood sausage instead of chorizo.

But above all, it always has fried egg, which due to its size is usually quail, although at home I have also prepared it with medium-sized chicken eggs.

Cojonudos tapas recipe

The quantities of the balls are indicative, it will depend on how large the slices of bread you are going to use are. I leave you different presentations with different breads and eggs.

I hope you like my balls.

Ingredients for the lame-knots

For 2 or 4 people approximately

2 green peppers

8 slices of cured bacon

4 quail eggs

4 slices of bread or loaf of bread

Olive oil

Preparation of the lame-knots:

We cut the bread into oblique slices, or if the bread is loaf, if you prefer you can cut the slice in half.

We wash, clean and remove the seeds from the green pepper, cut it into four pieces and put it to sauté in a pan with oil.

Cojonudos recipe cap

In a flat pan, add the bacon to make it, I do not put oil since the bacon will release its own fat.

Cojonudos recipe cap

We fry the quail or chicken eggs, according to taste.

To assemble the skewer, first place on the bread, the two pieces of the poached green pepper, the bacon and finally the egg. It must be eaten freshly made.

lame-knots recipe cap

Tips: We can also add some strips of poached piquillo pepper and a few pieces of chorizo.

Another is to replace the bacon with Serrano ham, marinated loin, … etc.

I leave it to your imagination but the best thing is when you are eating it and your egg slips…

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