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Lacon with turnip tops

Lacon with turnip tops

Lacón con grelos is the largest and most recognized dish in Galician cuisine. For those who do not know it, it must be explained that it is the front leg of the pig and it is eaten from San Martín at the end of the Carnivals. If we want to get a truly succulent dish of authentic Galician cuisine, artisan and cared for, first we have to look for a good lacón. I have experienced various qualities and I recommend a Lacón from the Lugo area of ​​the ACISAL brand, subjected to a curing process and subsequent drying in the air.

There are two sizes: the laconcito and the lacón. The first one weighs a kilo and is worth 7.56, and it would be enough for 4 people. Although in the instructions it says that its adequate level of salting avoids the need to undergo a desalination process prior to consumption, I advise desalting it the night before; if you find it small you can cook two.

The second shoulder weighs around 3.5 kilos but you need to desalt it 48 hours. and it’s worth about 24 euros.

You can buy it in El Corte Inglés, in Madrid in almost all places, and also online (

This pork recipe is very experienced by me and the pork is really good, pink, tasty and very tender. Although it is served dry, the chorizos imbue the stew with its color and aroma, the turnip greens add a green touch and the cachelos (cut Galician potatoes) are also watered by the mixture of the previous products; and on a frosty morning of harsh winter is the sursum corda Galician gastronomy.


a lacón or two (each laconcito weighs approximately a kilo):

a bunch of turnip greens

one chorizo ​​or half per person

one potato or two per person

two (or three times) of water for the volume of the lacón. If it is one kilo you throw two liters.

Ingredient warnings:

The shoulder may be the one I have suggested above (ACISAL) which is from the Villalba area (Lugo), or any Galician shoulder; You can easily buy it online or in the Corte Inglés, the same as the chorizos. Asturian chorizos do not do my paper. The turnip greens have already explained what kind and where you can find them (see Galdo Stock).

Regarding the size, You can buy it from one, two, or around 3 kilos. Depending on the weight, the desalination will be 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours.

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