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Knuckle with collard greens and potatoes

Knuckle with collard greens and potatoes: a single simple, complete and very nutritious dish. I like to prepare it especially on weekends, when it is cold.


  • A precooked knuckle of 1.5 Kg
  • A blood sausage
  • A cabbage
  • 4 potatoes
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • A bay leaf
  • 12 peppercorns


We put the knuckle in the pot with a bay leaf and some peppercorns and cover it with water. Important topic: we don’t put salt on it because the knuckle already has it. We have to let the two rings go up and we have it for 20 minutes. We wait for them to come down and open the pot. We remove the knuckle and strain the broth to remove the peppers and the bay leaf. Cook the collard greens in the broth until tender. Depending on the variety (cabbage, kale, Chinese cabbage, beef heart …) and the size will take more or less. This time, it was a bit old because they were two very tender ox-hearted cabbages.

We remove the collard greens and sauté it with some garlic and add the necessary salt.

Finally, we cook the potatoes in the same broth until they are tender.

When we take out the potatoes, add a little rain or hair noodles to the broth, as we prefer. We taste the broth, we probably don’t have to put salt on it.

I like to put a well-chopped or pounded hard-boiled egg in the soup with a fork and a little well-poached onion. It gives it a special touch.

If we want, we can accompany it with a black pudding of rice. You have to prick it well with a toothpick and put it to cook over low heat covered with water for 20 minutes.

We place the chopped knuckle, the blood sausage and the potatoes in a source along with the collard greens.

Another option is to puree the potatoes; crushing them with a fork or a mash-up while they are still hot, we add a little butter to taste and a well-beaten egg, stirring very well so that it mixes perfectly. You will not need salt, since we have cooked the potatoes in the knuckle broth.

If we are in a hurry we can cook the knuckle, make the soup and eat it with sauerkraut and maggi mashed potatoes.

It is a unique dish ideal for these winter days.

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