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Iced Chocolate Bomb

Today I bring you one iced chocolate bomb, the recipe is easy and cheap, you only need the microwave and the freezer.

The recipe for the frozen chocolate bomb has been a personal challenge for me, after my failure doing the gypsy arm, I’m more of a cook than a pastry chef.

All this comes, since, a few days ago, when trying to make the dough of the gypsy arm cake, I was documenting myself on youtube and in a number of cooking blogs and the conclusion I draw is that it is easy. Less for me.

Among those blogs that I saw and discovered, there was one that caught my attention. It’s called Challenge in the Kitchen. And they made gypsy but salty arms. It was clear that it did not help me, but looking at his blog, I discovered how much fun they have to cook and spread their recipes.

It is a group of bloggers who make a challenge every month, which consists of making a recipe with a generic name (gypsy arm, frozen pump, etc.), and they alternate between sweet and savory.

And that’s when I saw the ice bomb challenge, which belongs to your fourth challenge. And I said to myself: “since the cake does not come out of my gypsy arm, I will try another challenge”. This time personal

And I got down to work. I have not reached the level of them. But I have made a discreet icy bomb.

And I’m already thinking what to do next. The recipe is worth doing.

Iced chocolate and sobaos bomb

Ingredients for the frozen chocolate bomb:

I have used a small kitchen bowl.

4 sobaos

1 200 ml tebrabrick of whipping cream 35%

a chocolate tablet of 55% cocoa of 150 gr.


2 tablespoons of milk

4 tablespoons of sugar

A tangerine


Line the bowl with plastic wrap, and at first I put two whole sobaos, but then crumble them, so that there will be a thin layer of cake.

I added a drizzle of rum to the cake, that was the desperation. But it can be omitted if you want.

I broke the chocolate into pieces, put it in a bowl with two tablespoons of milk (the liquid helps the chocolate melt) and put it in the microwave, for about 30 seconds.

Chocolate bomb

Iced Chocolate Bomb

When it reached temperature, I removed the chocolate and milk, until it completely melted

In the glass of the mixer put 4 tablespoons of sugar and the cream. We assemble the cream.

I add half of the whipped cream to the chocolate. The chocolate has to be warm. I mix.

Add the chocolate and cream mixture to the sobaos, cover it with the film. And I put it in the freezer for about 12 hours.

Iced Chocolate Bomb

Since I have leftover cream and chocolate, I mix it and save it, it will serve as a cover.

I unmold the pump and decorate with the chocolate, put 3 tangerine segments on top as decoration.

Iced Chocolate Bomb

I put the pump back in the freezer for an hour. I hope you like it.

Iced Chocolate Bomb

Photo: Mama, what is there to eat?

Iced Chocolate Bomb

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