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Homemade cannelloni stuffed with meat

I bring you a classic, how are the homemade cannelloni stuffed with minced meat. Although today, I have filled them with minced meat, they can also be filled with bonito or tuna with pepper and egg; foie and mushrooms; blood sausage and red pepper, etc. What the imagination wants.

Homemade cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

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Ingredients for cannelloni stuffed with meat 4 people:

For the cannelloni

16 cannelloni

250 gr of lean minced meat and veal, which we have macerated for meatballs

1 tomato that we have previously grated

1/4 of onion cut into pieces.

For the béchamel.

Two butter or margarine nuts


A garlic clove


Pepper (optional)


Nutmeg (optional)

Grated cheese.

Preparation of cannelloni stuffed with meat:


We put salt and oil in a saucepan to cook.When it boils, add the cannelloni and let it cook for as long as instructed.

Once cooked, cool them under the tap and place them on a clean kitchen towel.

homemade cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

How to make the stuffing of the cannelloni:

In a frying pan we put a drizzle of oil, when it is hot we add the chopped onion. When it has taken color, add the grated tomato. We add salt. We let it be done for a few minutes.

Home cooking recipe: cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

Add the meat and stir until it is done. When it is, we put it on a plate and let it cool a little.

Cooking recipe: cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

We are putting the filling inside the cannelloni and I roll it up.

How to make cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

Preparation of the béchamel sauce:

I put in a saucepan like two butter nuts, let it melt. I add a peeled garlic clove and split in two.

When the garlic takes a little color, I remove it. I add two tablespoons of flour, mix well and let the flour take a little color. Fire at all times does not have to be too strong or too low.

I add very slowly without stirring with the kitchen rod, two glasses of milk, we have to let everything dissolve, avoiding lumps, and we keep stirring until it reaches the desired consistency in this case, like a cream, I add salt, pepper and nutmeg. I mix well.

Assembly of homemade cannelloni stuffed with meat

Once I have the béchamel done, put the plate or oven tray where I will put the cannelloni with the béchamel (it can also be spread with butter). I place the cannelloni that we have already filled, add the bechamel on top of the cannelloni and the grated cheese on top.

How to make cannelloni stuffed with meat.

I put the cannelloni in the oven that I have previously heated. First for a few minutes I let the whole set take heat and then I put it to gratin.

Homemade recipe how to make cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

And to eat. Enjoy your meal.

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