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Hazelnut cookies

Hazelnut pastes

This Sunday the season of Advent will begin; I suppose that for the vast majority of the population this will not mean much, but in my family tradition we had the habit of placing the four advent candles, which we lit during the four Sundays of this liturgical season. Each one had a color that involved a different symbolism: the first one was mauve to commemorate the preparation and vigil of Advent, the green one that was next represented hope, the third one in red means love, and the white one completed the whole process. with the arrival of the Messiah and the Light that would illuminate everything. I believe that this tradition was of Nordic or German origin and the Christians cultivated it to evangelize these people. In Spain we began to see them in the advent wreaths that were placed on the main altar around the sixties and seventies; and currently, most of the churches put their wreath with the candles that are lit one by one during the four Sundays, in such a way that on Christmas Eve they will all be lit.

Regarding my culinary traditions, the lighting of the candles was always accompanied by some modest sweet because I did not want to start the Christmas empachera early. So some pasta or cookies seemed enough to celebrate this liturgical milestone. The truth is that my children are already gone and I am leaving the culinary celebrations for the days when we all meet, but I am still faithful to this custom; So I always make a new, simple and homely recipe for my husband and me, that reminds us of the time when my children were at home and the lighting of the advent candles were always a great novelty. This year I had seen some “hazelnut pastes” that Delia Smith had put in this link as a novelty on her Christmas page and they seemed delicious and very easy; I think that hazelnut combined with cinnamon and rice flour, which is the first time that I use it in my life, make an endearing and very Christmassy combination. It is also an “all-in-one” recipe, that is, it mixes everything at once and molds the pasta; lastly, baked. As I usually try the recipes several times before presenting them I have made some changes in the proportions of the proportions of the ingredients.

To conclude, underline that I have always loved this tradition, perhaps because I am passionate about myths and legends, which help me transcend everyday and prosaic reality, but this year in the face of the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, whose deadly Kalasnikov have replaced the lights. and the Christmas symbols, I appreciate even more the endearing image of these peaceful candles that alleviate my tremendous unease in the face of such a cruel and uncertain future.



150 gr. roasted and grated hazelnut

150 gr. white sugar or a mixture of white and brown sugar

2 egg whites

1 tablespoon cinnamon dessert

2 tablespoons and level rice flour, which you can buy at an herbalist

wafer, wafers or just put them on baking paper smeared with butter


1. Crush the hazelnut with a mincer, do not make it very fine:

2. Mix in a bowl all the ingredients: egg whites, hazelnut, sugar, cinnamon and rice flour:

3. Prepare the bread of wafer or wafer, cutting it into circles and placing them in the form of balls of this mixture. If you do not have wafers, you can place them directly on the baking tray on parchment paper or silicone (oven) coated with butter:

4. With the preheated oven, bake them for 15 minutes at 160º:

5. After that time, turn off the oven and let them cool outside the oven until they harden:

6. This is the result of these homemade and endearing cookies, with an exquisite hazelnut and cinnamon flavor, whose aroma has perfumed the house for this new Advent season. The cookies in the first photo are made with white sugar; and the second, with half white sugar and half brown sugar:


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