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Ham croquettes

Ham croquettes


Ham croquette


150 gr. flour

150 gr. Butter

1,250 l. milk

150 or 200 gr. Ham

a teaspoon of Salt

nutmeg as desired

Ingredient remarks:

The croquettes are made with flour or cornstarch, or a mixture of both. I like more to make them with flour, because they come out with the genuine flavor of the ham, fish or vegetables with which the mixture is made; but if you prefer cornstarch nothing happens either; the only thing is that they need a third less cornstarch than flour, because cornstarch thickens more.

Something similar happens with milk, they can be made with all kinds of milks (fresh: skimmed, semi-flavored or whole or pasteurized also from the three classes). The only thing that you should take into account is that with the semi and the skimmed, you will have to put a little more flour to thicken it well. Everything will depend on whether you have any special regimen. I think that for the croquettes the best is the whole fresh one, but if you only have the whole pasteurized on hand they don’t go wrong either.

Regarding butter or tulip, I prefer the first one because it tastes better and it is also healthier.

You can put 150 or 200 gr. (I like them quite loaded with ham) of ham crushed in a mincer or with scissors. I prefer the latter because I like to notice the pieces, but if you have children, the chopper is better; in that case, be careful that the ham does not become a paste. There is also the time problem that is so important (the mincer saves at least 10 minutes). The ham must be good, but you don’t need to buy an Iberico. I would advise you to buy a point or a piece and to make it very thin slices, it is always cheaper and to chop it it is the same.

I do not add nutmeg because my family prefers them without, but it is an ingredient that goes very well with bechamel. You can buy it in powder or in a box with a walnut that you will grate very finely but you need a special grater for spices (it is better than the one bought in powder) and put half a teaspoon.

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