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Grilled beef steak with salad

Today I leave you a simple and uncomplicated recipe of Grilled veal steak with salad and fried potatoes.

It is a piece that we usually see in butchers, cut into fillets, actually they are the ribs of the animal cut on the bias.

Grilled beef steak with salad

It is prepared grilled, grilled or oven. In my case I have put it to marinate for several hours, this makes the meat juicier and then it has been grilled

This technique is done on board, I have always seen it with my mother, with different meats (beef, veal, pork like breasts), marinated for a few hours and then elaborates them.

In this case I have used as garnish for the veal steak, salad and some fries.

Grilled beef steak with salad

Advice on garnishes: las we have to use to accompany and decorate the dishes. They don’t have to recharge it. There are an infinity of them: mushrooms, greens and vegetables, eggs … as well as elaborations

As always, I hope you like it.

Ingredients for the grilled beef steak

For 4 people

4 churrasco fillets

Maldivian salt

For the marinade

2 garlic cloves

Some fresh parsley leaves



For the garnish

Lettuce salad


Preparation of grilled beef steak

For the marinade: peel the garlic, wash the parsley and cut it into pieces. We mash it in the mortar with a little salt. We add a little oil.

We put the churrascos on a plate and we impregnate them with the previous mixture. We leave for several hours in the refrigerator or fridge. We remove it from time to time.

Grilled beef steak with salad

Grilled beef steak with salad

We put a frying pan-griddle or carmella over high heat, when it is very hot, add the impregnated meat. We let it be done to the taste of diners.

Grilled beef steak with salad

We plate, season with the Maldón salt and serve accompanied by the fried potatoes, salad or whatever you want.

Grilled beef steak with salad

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