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Grilled beef skewer. Easy recipe

There is no easier recipe than one grilled beef skewer in red wine sauce.

It is not the first time that I prepare skewers of pork, chicken, etc. This time I have decided that the skewer, outside of beef to which I inserted a few pieces of mushrooms and onion, but the best has undoubtedly been the red wine reduction sauce, which gives it a sweet flavor that combines perfectly with the meat .

Grilled beef skewer with red wine reduction

The sauce made with wine or vinegar reduction, we can use it for both meat and desserts, it can be made with wines such as Jerez, Porto or Pedro Ximénez, also with balsamic vinegar or Modena., This last memory that can be acquired if you want in the supermarket. As always, I hope you like it.

Ingredients for the grilled beef skewer in red wine sauce

For 2 persons

For the beef skewer

2 skewer sticks

300 gr of beef for the plate cut into blocks

1 or 2 mushrooms

1 piece of onion

Maldodian salt or normal salt


For the reduction of red wine sauce

1 glass of red wine water

2 tablespoons of sugar.

Preparation of the skewer

Red wine sauce reduction

We put the glass of wine in a saucepan and let it reduce over medium heat. When the wine is half reduced, add the sugar.

We let it reduce until we get 1/3 of the glass of wine. It is not very thick, but as it cools it does get a bit of consistency.

It can be taken cold or hot.

Assembling the beef skewer

We wash and fillet the mushrooms. Cut the onion into square pieces. We are first inserting the onion, beef taco, mushroom fillet, beef taco until the skewer is finished.

Grilled beef skewer with red wine reduction

We put a frying pan, griddle or carmela on the fire with a little oil. And we make the skewer according to the taste of diners. We place the veal skewer, add the Maldón salt and add the red wine reduction sauce

Grilled beef skewer with red wine reduction

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