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Galician roast beef

Galician roast beef

Galician roast meat

In the first pages of this website I already mentioned “Galician roast meat” / “or better Galician roast” since it is not a grilled meat as its name seems to indicate, but a very simple roast that is prepared in a saucepan , and the sauce is the liquid that releases the meat, onion and wine that we add, and not a drop of water is added. I think this Galician roast beef is almost as emblematic as the empanada or the lacón con grelos; It is well prepared anywhere in Galicia, because its secret is none other than the quality of the meat of this land. The photo that I present to you is the typical roast meat cooked by me in about 20 minutes, with no ingredients other than garlic, onion, wine and oil and, of course, the “patacolos” that always accompany it.

Emotionally, this meat is associated with lots of reminiscences of my childhood and adolescence; And it is also one of those dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family and, therefore, I feel an almost reverential panic since, deep down, they are like opening the drawer where the Holy Shroud is kept.

Perhaps the most vivid memory of this recipe, so popular in Galicia, is that of my mother, who traveled every Monday in the coach to visit my grandmother in the town of Lorenzana, and always brought a piece of “meat for roasting “, which for her was the best in the world and she cooked it that same night, although in my house she always ate fish for dinner, but it didn’t matter, that meat came from her house, and that was enough. On the contrary, when I bought it at the butcher’s shop in the village, the comments were always negative: it was never quite tender or tasty or fresh … and the reason I appealed most often was the fact, quite cruel (I don’t want think that the ecologists would say), that it was not “a recently killed calf like the one in your house”. Something similar happens to my children, and to myself, when something is really good, we praise it at its fair average, but we always end up with the usual “yes, but it’s not like Grandma’s.” I suppose that as Proust himself admitted, the memories are always distorted to our whim or to the vital needs of each moment; and I am increasingly convinced, and this website reinforces me in this idea, that the Returning to the past is still a personal search, the goal of which is to recover something that seemed irrecoverable: the safety of childhood, or the chimerical feeling that everything in life is under control.


Today I am going to cook a roast meat that is not Galician, and I have resorted to a black pudding from Ávila (whose price does not exceed 8 euros and a kilo) and which is the one that most resembles that of my land, because it also It needs little cooking and does not stay dry.

  • a black pudding of meat, cut into medallions
  • two onions
  • three cloves of garlic
  • two carrots
  • a green pepper
  • 1 dl olive oil
  • half a glass of wine water (red or solera) .; I always use hearth 47 or port but not everyone likes that sweetness.
  • a cube, salt and if you like the pepper (I do not pour it because the green pepper seems to me to be quite a lot)

Ingredient Warning:

It is important that you cut the meat crosswise so that it comes out like medallions, which are then confused with the beef tenderloin.

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