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Galician Clams in Tomato Sauce

Galician Clams in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients (4 people):

– 1 kg of Galician clams
– 1 large tender onion
– 2 C. s. pine nuts
– 3 c. s. fried tomato (best homemade)
– 200 gr of white wine
– Olive oil
– Salt


We leave the clams in cold water with a handful of salt for two hours to release the soil. After that time we drain them well and reserve them.

Peel the onion, wash it and cut it into small squares.

Then we cover the bottom of a frying pan with olive oil and add the onion, pine nuts and salt to taste. When the onion and pine nuts are beginning to brown, add the fried tomato and white wine to the pan, stir a little and when it begins to boil add the clams. We put a lid on the pan and wait for the clams to open (from 2 to 5 minutes depending on the kitchen).

We discard the clams that have not been opened and serve.


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