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Fruit skewer with hot chocolate

Today I bring you a delicious recipe for Fruit skewer with hot chocolate, It comes in handy if children don’t like fruit.

Dessert that we can make at any time of the year and as the main ingredient we can use seasonal fruits (apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, tangerines, oranges, bananas … etc)

You can make some very funny skewers combining the colors of the fruits.

fruit skewer and hot chocolate

Ingredients for the fruit skewer with hot chocolate:

A banana

strawberries if it cannot be substituted by another red fruit (optional).

An orange or tangerine

A kiwi

An Apple

Chocolate in tablet to melt

3 tablespoons of milk

4 medium skewer sticks

Preparation of the fruit skewer with chocolate:

fruits with chocolate

Peel and cut the fruits into more or less equal pieces, since we are going to insert them in the skewer stick.

fruit skewer dipped in hot chocolate


We are inserting a piece of each fruit to complete the skewer.

Fruit skewer with hot chocolate

In a bowl we put several portions of chocolate (8 portions I have used), with a little milk, and we put it in the microwave for half a minute. We take it out and remove the chocolate milk that will have melted. We put it back for about 10 more seconds. If we see that it has become very thick, add milk, stir and heat for half a minute until we achieve the desired chocolate texture.

Fruit skewer with hot chocolate

We present the skewer with a chocolate thread on top.

The combination of fruits will depend on the season of the year that we are, in case we do not have chocolate we can do it with yogurt.

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