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Figs in syrup

Figs in syrup

I will Fend this section, for the moment, with a recipe that is absolutely unusual, almost a rarity: figs in syrup. I have been years behind her years; Finally, the other day when I was in my greengrocer I met a lady who asked María José (the best greengrocer in the world) for figs to make them this way. It was kind of like collecting stickers and I had half a dozen left to complete the album, and suddenly you find one of them. The lady was most kind and open, María Luisa Navarro and, with little insistence from me, she gave me the recipe with all the naturalness in the world. From here I thank you for this treasure that, for me, is the recipe for figs in syrup. In the world of cooking it is not often that people give you the culinary treasures of their families for free.

You will wonder why and why this recipe is so important to me. Well, first, because I like to accompany the sky bacon with figs as they did in my town’s bakery; also because the precept of a good Mondoñedo cake is to be decorated on top with preserved figs; and finally, serving them accompanied by a wonderful ice cream with butter is something that makes an unforgettable meal. Finally, fig preserves are not easy to find, in addition to having a very high price.

Without a doubt, the elaboration of this delicatessen seems to be aimed at unemployed people, or anchored in other times; I am neither one nor the other, and yet I have really enjoyed doing it. At first glance, I understand that you can back out because you need eight days of preparation, it really is not just work. Start:


These are the proportions, which you can alter and thus make more or less quantity. For other quantities, you calculate according to these measurements.

2 k. figs

2 kilos less a quarter of sugar

a lemon

a liter of water

Ingredient warnings:

The fruit must be fresh and ripe.

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