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Egg Tapes with Gorgonzola and Apple Sauce

Egg Tapes with Gorgonzola and Apple Sauce

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Egg Tapes with Gorgonzola and Apple Sauce


Ingredients (4 people):

– 300 gr of egg pasta ribbons
– 6 slices of sweet york ham
– 1 large Golden apple
– 3 c.s. raisins
– 100 gr of Gorgonzola cheese
– 250 ml of liquid cream for cooking
– 75 gr of butter
– Water
– Salt


We put the water to cook in a saucepan with a handful of salt, when it starts to boil add the pasta ribbons and cook over medium heat for about 6-8 minutes.

While the pasta cooks, peel the apple, remove the core and cut it into cubes, add it to a pan together with the butter, the York ham cut into strips and the raisins and cook until golden.

Then add the Gorgonzola cheese cut into cubes to the skillet, let it melt a little and add the cream, carefully remove and cook the cream for one minute over medium-high heat.

Once we have the sauce well linked, lower the heat, pass the pasta ribbons through cold water and drain them well, when they are well drained we add them to the pan, carefully remove them so that all the ingredients are well integrated and serve.

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