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Crostata marmelatta

Crostata marmelatta

Crostata di marmelatta

The “crostata di marmelata” is one of the most typical cakes of Italian cuisine and is eaten for breakfast or snack, although it is of unknown origin, the Italians took it to Argentina where today it is considered a cake of their own. It is made with what in Italy is called “frolla” (or shortcrust pastry) and can be filled with all kinds of jams, the most typical in Italy are raspberry, cerza, apricot or figs, and it can also be made with cream pastry and almonds and then it is known as the “tarta de la nonna !, On the contrary, in Argentina the quince, sweet potato or guava is very typical.

Ingredients for pasta rub (or shortcrust pastry):

1. 300 gr. plain flour

2. 125 sugar

3. 150 gr. of butter

4. One whole egg and one yolk

5. A grated lemon

6. A pinch of salt

2. Rolled pasta can be substituted by any frozen or refrigerated breeze pasta. I particularly like Rana breeze pasta but any one is good for this cake:


With the filling the same thing happens, you can put the jam that you like or even some fruit that you prepare in compote. I really like Bonne Mamman’s jam, but anyone (“Hero”, “Helios”, “The Old Factory”) is great for this cake:.

Apricot Cherry


Or: A homemade compote with seasonal fruits:

Observations on ingredients:

There is no problem with any of the ingredients that this cake has, and you can buy the pasta that suits you best for price / quality and the same with the jam. 

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