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Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Wild Asparagus Scrambled Eggs

Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Wild Asparagus Scrambled Eggs

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Scrambled eggs with Wild Asparagus


Ingredients (4 people):

– 300 gr of wild asparagus
– 300 gr of mushrooms
– 1 medium zucchini
– 3 eggs
– Olive oil
– Salt


We wash the mushrooms well with cold water, removing all the dirt they may have, we cut the base, we cut them into quarters and we reserve them. Then we wash the zucchini, cut the tips, cut it into not very thin slices and reserve it together with the mushrooms. We wash the asparagus, we remove the fibrous part of the base and cut them into 2 or 3 pieces.

We cover the base of a frying pan with the oil and when it is hot we add the mushrooms, the zucchini, the asparagus and the salt. Cover the pan and cook for about 15 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Then we crack the eggs in a bowl add a little salt and add them to the pan with the vegetables, carefully stir until the eggs have curdled well.

We serve hot accompanied by toasted bread.


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