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Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Stuffed Tortilla

Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Stuffed Tortilla

Ingredients (4 people):

– 1 medium potato omelette
– 2 red peppers
– 2 yellow peppers
– 100 gr of creamy cheese (Philadelphia type)
– 100 gr of grated mozzarella
– Olive oil
– Salt


We wash the peppers well, remove the seeds and cut them into small cubes. We cover the bottom of a frying pan with the olive oil, add the peppers, a little salt and fry them over medium heat until they are golden and tender.

Then we remove the excess oil from the pan, add the cream cheese and continue cooking for one or two minutes until the cheese is completely melted and integrated.

We cut the omelette into four parts and open them in half. Fill the tortilla pieces with the peppers and close them again. Add the grated mozzarella and introduce the tortilla in the oven preheated gratin function.

Once the omelette has been gratinated, we place it and place on top of each piece a little more of the remaining filling.

We serve hot and accompanied by hot bread with grated tomato, salt and oregano.


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