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Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Stuffed Eggplants from Philadelphia

Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Stuffed Eggplants from Philadelphia

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Ingredients (4 people):

– 200 g of Philadelphia cheese

– 4 aubergines

– 1 small sweet onion

– 1 large red pepper

– 12 large mushrooms
– 1 small zucchini

– Grated Parmesan cheese

– Olive oil

– Salt



Cut the aubergines in two lengthwise and empty the pulp with a sharp knife.

We place the empty aubergines in the oven tray with a little olive oil and salt at 180º, and bake for 20 minutes or until that they are tender.

Cut the pulp of the eggplant, wash the onion, pepper, zucchini and mushrooms well and cut them into cubes, cover the bottom of a pan with oil, add the vegetable cubes, the pulp of the well-cut eggplant and salt to taste and fry until golden.

Remove the excess oil from the frying pan, add the cheese tub, mix everything until the cheese is well integrated and fill the aubergines with this mixture.

Then we place the stuffed aubergines on the oven tray, sprinkle them with the Parmesan cheese and gratin them.

We serve hot.

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