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Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Roscón de Reyes

Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Roscón de Reyes

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Ingredients (1 large or 2 medium Roscón):

-3 medium eggs
-150 gr of milk
-100 gr of melted butter
-170 gr of sugar
-60 gr of fresh baker’s yeast
-600 gr of strength flour
-30 gr of brandy
-1 beaten egg
-The zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange
-Frosty fruits, chopped almonds and sugar to decorate


Add the lemon and orange zest, the eggs and beat well to a bowl.

We heat the milk and dissolve the yeast well.

Next we add the warm milk with the dissolved yeast, the melted butter, the sugar and the brandy and we continue beating until everything is well integrated.

We add the flour little by little and we mix with wrapping movements until we have a homogeneous mass. We make the dough into a ball and let it rest in a bowl covered with a clean cloth for at least an hour and a half.

After this time we will see that our dough has doubled its volume, then on a floured surface we knead a little more and on a baking paper we will work the mixture giving it the characteristic thread shape of the Roscón de Reyes.

We paint the surface of the Roscón with the beaten egg, decorate with the candied fruit, the almonds and the sugar previously moistened with a little water and let it rest until it has doubled its volume (approximately 1/2 hour), we put in the preheated oven 180º heat up and down at medium height for about 20 minutes (the exact time will depend on the oven, the important thing is not to spend time so that it does not dry out), to know if our Roscón is made when we see that it has acquired a golden hue We will puncture with a wooden toothpick and if it comes out clean it will be done.

We can fill it with cream, pastry cream, truffle or any chocolate cream.

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