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Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Express Pizzas

Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Express Pizzas

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Ingredients (4 people):

– 4 slices of bread (I Hacendado Mediterranean-style sliced ​​bread)
– 200 gr of York Ham in taquitos
– 100 gr of mushroom from laminated pot
– 4 c. s. fried tomato
– 4 c.s. barbecue sauce
– Grated cheese (I cheddar)
– oregano


We preheat the oven 180º heat up and down.

Spread a tablespoon of tomato and a tablespoon of barbecue sauce on top of each slice of bread.

Next we add the york ham and the laminated mushroom, the grated cheese and a pinch of oregano.

Bake until the grated cheese has melted and serve.

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