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Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Boiled Artichokes

Cooking Recipes for Everyone: Boiled Artichokes

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Ingredients (4 people):

– 12 artichokes as new as possible
– the juice of one large lemon
– 3 c.s. pine nuts
– 1 c.s. Of flour
– Water
– Olive oil
– Salt


We remove the hardest leaves from the artichokes, we cut the tips, we cut them in half and with a small knife we ​​remove the fluff that they have in the center so that they do not become bitter. While we are cutting the artichokes we are reserving them in a bowl with cold water and a few drops of lemon juice so that they blacken as little as possible.

Once they are all cut, add them to the pressure cooker along with the lemon juice, pine nuts, flour, olive oil and salt to taste. We cover them with water (it should be about a centimeter of water above them), cover the pot and when the steam rises we lower the heat and cook for 5 or 7 minutes. Remove from the heat and once the steam has dropped, open the pot and serve hot.

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