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Cooked White Rice Recipe

Cooked white rice recipe. The memory I have of white rice has always been when I was a child and I was sick.

This association has been changing over the years and now for me white rice is the basis for other dishes or its use as a garnish.

It can be eaten hot accompanied by tomato sauce, in paella, risotto, cold in salad, alone.

Cooked White Rice Recipe

The recipe for white rice is very easy and simple to make, in this case I am going to do it in a conventional way, but it can be done in the microwave, thermomix or in the oven.

Ingredients for the white rice recipe:



Water or broth

A garlic clove

Round rice, one cup of coffee for each diner,

Preparation of white rice

In a saucepan we put a jet of oil, when it is hot, add the peeled garlic clove and cut in two. When the garlic is golden (we can remove it if you want)

Cooked White Rice Recipe

Add the rice and stir for a few seconds.

Cooked White Rice Recipe

add the water. Which in this case will be double the water for each cup of rice. Season and cover the saucepan. Let it cook over medium heat.

Cooked White Rice Recipe

When you are cooking the rice you can add some bay leaf, pepper, broth, etc.

Tips on rice:

Depending on the type of rice to use, we will add more water, since there are rices that absorb more water than others.

If we cook the rice over a very high heat, the water evaporates more quickly therefore it needs more water and that saying of “twice as much water per cup of rice” would not be worth it.

I always add a little more water to it as 1/4 cup more just in case.

And finally I always have a little more water or hot broth prepared in case I see that the rice runs out of water.

If we had gone overboard, we can always drain it.

Finally I always let the rice rest for a few minutes, it is more good.

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