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Coleslaw salad

Coleslaw salad: a salad

for barbecues and picnics

The “coleslaw” salad is the quintessential Anglo-Saxon salad; both in the United Kingdom and in America it is a popular and very democratic accompaniment since it is served in all kinds of meals and social settings. The term “choleslaw” or “cole slaw” (translated into Spanish as “coleslaw”) is a dish consisting of raw white cabbage, finely chopped, and accompanied by equally sliced ​​carrots, and dressed with a vinaigrette. Currently, this popular salad has lent itself to innumerable variations, with new ingredients such as red cabbage, pineapple, apple, cheese, red onion, boiled eggs, corn, celery, etc .; and the dressing of the vinaigrette has been replaced by a mayonnaise, cream or cottage cheese. In America, mustard is always added. This salad is very pleasant if we choose a tender cabbage, we take it out of the fridge before serving it and we put a light mayonnaise, well seasoned and we do not forget to season it also with a tablespoon of sugar. A great advantage over other salads is that it lasts a long time in the fridge and may be better prepared the day before. The coleslaw is used with great success as an accompaniment to barbecues, fried fish, hamburgers or hot dogs.

This salad has its
origin probably at the dawn of the Roman Empire. However, the modern “coleslaw” was born in the 18th century, taking as its origin a Dutch word “koolsla”, an abbreviation of the phrase “kool salade” which comes to mean “coleslaw”. In England there are documents that prove the consumption of this salad as early as the 1860s; and in the United States it was introduced by the Dutch in the state of New York, which they founded, where they grew cabbage around the Hudson River. Cabbage salad in its current form is largely considered an American culinary achievement, first appearing in American literature as early as 1785.

Personally, I tried it for the first time in England at school, and despite not being made with first-class ingredients, I found it delicious and immediately made up the recipe that I took home; Against all odds due to prejudice against English cuisine, they loved it and they made it in summer, especially to take to the beach and eat it with breaded steaks. My version is the simplest: cabbage, carrot, raisins, a tablespoon of sugar, virgin olive oil and Apple vinager; finally, I emulsify it with about four tablespoons of mayonnaise; but if you serve it for young people I would increase the mayonnaise and put up to a full cup. The second version, which I make, is with pieces of apple, which give it a very sweet and sour sweet and pleasant flavor..

An important precaution for this salad is to choose a small, tender and sweet cabbage, that does not exceed a kilo, and some fresh carrots.


a small cabbage (500 g.)

4 carrots

a tablespoon of sugar

100 g. of raisins


3 or 4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (or any other)

commercial mayonnaise (I put Ligeresa) so that it can be kept without several days in the fridge; As I just said, I only put 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise so that it is combined with the oil and vinegar dressing and the mayonnaise is almost not noticeable, but you can even substitute the oil and vinegar for a mayonnaise that covers it entirely.


1. Chop the cabbage into thin julienne and the same to the carrot:

2. Add the raisins before the carrot so that they soften with the moisture of the cabbage:

3. Now you incorporate the carrots:

4. Now I put the olive oil, the vinegar, the sugar and stir everything well:

5. Finally, I mix well the “Light” mayonnaise (you can put a normal one):

6. You return to stir everything well, now add the salt and rectify if necessary:

Coleslaw salad with apple

7. Once seasoned with the oil and vinegar, incorporate the apple; this salad needs less sugar, if the apple is not very strong:

8. Well removed mayonnaise, this would be its final appearance:

9. However, the most popular version replaces oil and vinegar with mayonnaise, which can be commercial or homemade. I love mayonnaise but the first one seems healthier and even less cloying:

I think as soon as you do it twice, you will start to try different ingredients and dressings, and you will be happy to get different results, all great.


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