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Cold Canapé Recipes

5 Cold canapes recipes, varied, original, simple and easy, ideal for parties (Christmas, birthdays, friends, summer, brunch ..)

The hors d’oeuvres and appetizers are known internationally as Hors D’Oeuvre (serious translation “out of the ordinary”), they are generally the prelude to food and serve to stimulate the appetite, as well as to relax the diner and as a dialectical exchange, while waiting to enter the dining room.

Cold canapes recipes

Among these appetizers and appetizers are the canapes served hot or cold, its characteristic is that its content is always mounted on slices of bread, volovanes, crackers, tartlets, etc. And they eat in one bite.

I hope you like them.

Cold canapes recipes

1.- Pepper pate canapé with anchovies.

Ingredients: Sliced ​​bread with or without crust, pate with pepper and anchovies

Preparation: We toast the bread, spread the pate with the pepper, cut into triangles and top with half a coiled anchovy.

Cold canapé recipes: canapé of pepper paté with anchovy

2.-York ham canape with cream cheese flavored with blue cheese.

Ingredients: bread without crust, york ham fillets and cheese spread with blue cheese flavor.

Preparation: Spread the york ham with the cheese spread, until the end of the ham. We roll up the york ham and cut it into slices. We cut the bread into squares and put a ham slice on top of the bread.

Cold canapés recipes: York ham canape with cream cheese flavored with blue cheese.

3.- Salmon and prawn tartlet

Ingredients: Tartlets, smoked salmon, cooked peeled prawns, mayonnaise, lettuce. Hard-boiled egg to decorate.

Preparation: The salmon, cooked prawns and lettuce are finely chopped. Mix with mayonnaise. The tartlet is filled and decorated with the grated egg

Cold canapés recipes: Salmon and prawn tartlet

4.- Mussel volcano with crab stick

Ingredients: Volovanes, a can of pickled mussels, crab sticks and pickled gherkin.

Preparation: Chop all the ingredients and fill the volovans.

Cold canapés recipes: Mussel volvovan with crab stick

5.- Cracker or crackers with salmon

Ingredients: crackers or crackers, smoked salmon and cheese spread. Dill to decorate

Preparation: cut the smoked salmon into pieces, mix it with the cheese spread. We add it to the crackers and decorate it with a little dill.

Cold Canapes Recipes: Cracker or Salmon Crackers

We are placing them on a tray and serving.

Cold canapes recipes

Tip: All the canapés fillings can be done beforehand, you just have to fill them a little before eating them.

I do not put amounts as it depends on the number of diners.

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