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Cod croquettes

Cod croquettes

Cod croquettes

Cod croquettes fully belong to the Spanish culinary heritage, which has given us the delicious flavor of cod. They are typical of Lent, especially in the 50s and 60s, so we could include them in the “recipes vintage “. I think that the mixture of cod, chives, parsley and milk gives them a delicious flavor that we must recover; another added value is the cost (which is why I include them in the” crisis recipes “). Encourage you to make them, and you will enjoy the true homey warmth that should not be missing from our tables.


  • 100 gr. flour
  • 1 dl. virgin olive oil
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 250 gr. shredded and soaked cod
  • half an onion or chive
  • salt if you need it
  • a teaspoon of good virgin olive
  • parsley


1. Spade half an onion or a whole chive in very fine pieces and pour it into the pan with 1 dl of virgin oil (for 100 gr. Of flour). The onion must be very mellow because finding a raw piece of onion in a kibble is a desecration.

2. Now add the cod also cut into small pieces and stir well with the onion and cook for at least 5 minutes; and then, the flour so that it is cooked with the sofrito and the cod and then it does not result in a paste:

3. And from here you are adding the milk and stirring without stopping. I like to add a good bunch of parsley, I think the parsley goes great with the cod, and it gives them a very nice appearance:

4. Here you have already stirred them for a while with the parsley incorporated:

5. You should cook them for at least 15 minutes (without stopping adding it) so that they cook very well and do not taste like paste (the flavor that many croquettes have in restaurants).

6. Before removing the dough, put a teaspoon of virgin olive oil on it. This ingredient is the magic touch of these croquettes because it greatly accentuates their flavor.

7. It is known when they are ready when, with all the milk added, they begin to come off the pan:

8. Do not forget that the pan should be almost clean like the one in the photograph, if the dough is well cooked and compact.

9. You batter them by the process that I taught you in the ham recipes:

And to enjoy the taste of homemade!


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