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Coconut cookies

Coconut cookies

I am in love with coconut, and I like all the sweets that carry it: cookies, tarts, cocadas, puddings, truffles, muffins, and even salted with coconut sauce such as roast chicken, or chutneys.

We are going to start this section with coconut recipes and I am going to prepare some classic and simple ones. For this, I advise you to buy a biscuit maker (there are everything from very cheap and beautiful, to the wonderful ones from the glass of the Farm, which are already bigger words in terms of price). I assure you that this object that seems somewhat absurd will serve you to keep a treasure, which will sweeten some moments of your day. I would love to have one of those old chefs from my great-grandmothers’ house, to keep my glass cookie, but I am content to have them in a kitchen cupboard, as long as it is not a very visible place because of the temptation. And if you make them small, they hardly have a problem with the weight … Many people tell me that in our house we should not fit fat, well no … I believe in the principle of eating everything and not depriving yourself of anything, but always in small quantities.

N.B. Refrain from people who do not like coconut.


100 g. dehydrated grated coconut

110 g. of sugar

1 large or two small eggs (I added two small ones), that’s why they came out flatter.

185 g. leavening flour (with yeast incorporated, or if you do not have it with a teaspoon and a half of yeast)

if you need a little more liquid and you don’t want to put more than one egg, you add one or two tablespoons of cold water

optional: a teaspoon of vanilla (in this case, I have not put anything); I like coconut so much that I don’t want anything to mask its flavor


1. We begin by sifting the flour with the salt; and then add the grated coconut

2. Incorporate the soft butter and the egg and stir well:

3. We continue stirring until we get a homogeneous mass, if you find it very hard and difficult to work, you can add one or two tablespoons of water (if the egg is large you will not need it):

4. We wrap the dough in transparent paper and put it in the fridge for half an hour:

5. Now we will make balls, taking care that there is enough space between them because they almost double their size, having lined the oven tray with vegetable paper or silicone. Bake for 10 minutes at 180º. When they are golden, we do not remove them immediately because they will be soft, we must let them cool:

6. There you have them with their beautiful yellow color. I like thin and flat because they have less weight and are just enough for a snack:

7. And there is my cookie maker, which will hermetically preserve the great treasure of the house!


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