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Clams a la marinera recipe

Seafood clam recipe It is a very tasty, fast dish and does not have much complication. There are times that I make the clams without adding the tomato and the paprika others with gulas from the north. This is a little to taste, but you are rich both ways. Ideal for any time of the year.

Clams a la marinera recipe

Ingredients for clams a la marinera

For 4 people:

1 kg of clams

1/2 onion

2 garlic cloves


1 small glass of quality white wine

1 glass of water fish broth or water

2 tablespoons of fried tomato

Sweet paprika

Olive oil

Preparation of clams a la marinera:

The cleaning process is always the same: I look at them if there is one that is broken and remove it, if it is open, and if it does not close under the tap, I discard it.

I am putting them in a saucepan, and I cover them so that they are made, I do not put water, they are made in their own juice.

Clams a la marinera recipe

When they are open, I reserve them on a plate or platter and I make sure that they are all open and I do not find sand. I reserve the juice that is in the casserole in which I have opened the clams.

Clams a la marinera recipe

In a clay pot or normal casserole, I put a drizzle of oil, and when it is hot I add the chopped onion and the minced garlic cloves when they begin to brown I add a tablespoon of flour, let it toast a little and add the wine .

I let the alcohol evaporate from the wine (it will take a few seconds) I add the juice of the clams and a pinch of sweet paprika and the tomato. I mix so that the sauce is linking. If we see that there is very little broth we add a little water or fish broth, when it begins to cook we add the clams already open. And we let them mix with the sauce for a few minutes.

Clams a la marinera recipe

Above all, there must be a soupy sauce for us to spread.

When we are going to present it, you can use the same clay pot or platter to which we will add a little parsley.

Clams a la marinera recipe

Tips on clams a la marinera:

The only problem this dish can have is that the clams have sand, and therefore it would spoil us.

I buy the clams on the same day that I go to prepare them, usually at the flea market, and always from the same fishmonger, who is trustworthy.

If the clams had sand, what I do is put them to soak in salt for a long time, about two hours, so that they release the sand.

Just in case I always open them apart. I do not trust.

In case you have not previously opened them, it would be done after adding the wine. At that time we would also add as a little fish stock or water, the paprika and the tomato. Keep in mind that the clam will also release water. Let it cook until the clams open and move so that the sauce is linked

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