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Chocolate cookies 2

Cracked or bulging Chocolate Chip Cookies

(version 2)

In the following recipe I stick to the ingredients of the original recipe and add the amount of chocolate suggested, es deir, a greater amount than in the previous ones, which is why these cookies are more bulky.

200 gr. leavened flour (biscuit)
2 eggs and one yolk if they are small; the original recipe only takes two eggs but big
100 gr. sugar
a pinch of salt
a tablespoon of vanilla or two tablespoons of brandy
230 gr. 70% cocoa pure chocolate (Valor or Lindt, or any other good chocolate).
55 gr. Butter

icing sugar to coat

The same elaboration as the previous one:

As you can see in the photo, in this recipe they come out more cracked (crinkle):

But the same as beautiful and appetizing; but the big difference is that they are more similar to chocolates than the previous ones, a more traditional version.

There you have them prepared to preserve in a cookie rack:


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